Quality Janitorial & Building Maintenance Services

Our staff professionals have as their main priority the proper training of all employees who will be maintaining the buildings we service.  These employees are trained in the proper use of all supplies and equipment to maintain your building.

Training topics include:

  • Basic Office Cleaning
  • Cleaning Office Building Restrooms
  • Stripping and Refinishing
  • Hard Surface Floor Maintenance-Buffing
  • Hard Surface Floor Maintenance-Scrubbing
  • Complete Floor Sanitation
  • Carpet Care
  • Training in Blood Borne Pathogens

To comply with OSHA Regulations, we keep books in our janitorial rooms with the MSDS sheets fro all products used.  All bottles are clearly marked with contents.  Cleaning chemicals are brought for use on an "as needed" basis soas to maintain a minimal amount of chemicals on the premises.

The first week the employees are assigned to a job site, they will work with a lead worker.  Once they have a full understanding of al their job duties, they are allowed to work on a more independent basis with a normal amount of supervision.

All employees are encouraged to increase their knowledge of all facets of janitorial work in order to qualify them for promotion and raises.  100% of our supervisors and managers have been promoted to their positions from within the company and started as entry-level employees.

Golden Bear supervisors start at entry-level positions and have been fully trained in all aspects of building maintenance.  Those individuals who demonstrate strong leadership capabilities, in addition to being resolutely conscientious, are then considered for supervisor positions.  If invited to be a supervisor, that individuals works one-on-one with an established supervisor until the Director of Operations is confident of the individual's abiltiy to supervise.

In a maximum maintenance situation, there will be one non-working supervisor for ten working custodians and sanitation specialists.

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